Siapa Penyanyi Asal Gwiyomi dan Maksud Sebenar Lagu Gwiyomi

Penyanyi Asal : Penyanyi Korea bernama Hari 

Pergerakan Jari Di Cipta Oleh
Jung Ilhoon ahli band boy Korea, BtoB 

Maksud Lagu Gwiyomi Dalam Bahasa Inggeris

Over a chocolate muffin
Waiting for a cup of savory milk
Oppa and I sit facing each other
And scribble on each other’s hands
Don’t look at other girls
No matter what they say
You’re mine (You’re mine)
Don’t even talk to other girls
I’m yours (I’m yours)
Please pinky promise me
That you’ll never leave me alone
1 plus 1 equals Kiyomi
2 plus 2 equals Kiyomi
3 plus 3 equals Kiyomi
Ki- Ki- Kiyomi, Ki- Ki- Kiyomi
4 plus 4 equals Kiyomi too
5 plus 5 equals Kiyomi too
6 plus 6 equals chu chu chu chu chu chu Kiyomi
I’m Kiyomi

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